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Spam email

We always reply to requests for messages.

If you do not receive a reply, please check that our messages have not been filed as spam.


Global shipment of an order

Orders are dispatched all at once as soon as all items are in stock.

You want to order products that are in stock and others that are not.

If you want to receive all in-stock items at once, the only way to do this is to place two separate orders.

One with the products in stock, the other with those requiring supply.


Addess information

Our computer system automatically manages the shipping process.

We do not intervene manually in the delivery details.

The information supplied is therefore transmitted as you entered it.

You must therefore ensure that you provide accurate and appropriate information in the address fields.

There's no point writting the date of birth or repeating the name in the company field, otherwise this informations will be included in the shipping label.