----- March 2024 -----




Here are the spare parts for the Simonini Mini 2, Mini 3 & Mini 4 engines.
Mini 2; 202 cc single-cylinder engine develops 26 HP at 7500 rpm.

Mini 3; 270 cc single-cylinder engine develops 36 HP at 7500 rpm and is mounted on Adventure Fun Flyer trikes.

Mini 4; 164 cc single-cylinder engine develops 23 HP at 7400 rpm.

See SIMONI Mini 2, 3 & 4 parts.



----- January 2024 -----



The American company Off-Grid presents an attractive throttle that features a highly sensitive cruise control

which remembers the last position displayed.

The throttle handle is available for both hand-start and electric-start engines.

A special kit enables it to be connected to engines fitted with flat carburetors, such as some Polini models.


See Off-grid throttles.


----- Holiday season -----

Most manufacturers and suppliers are closing for the vacations.

So, for parts that are on order, we may not be able to be supplied within 2 to 3 weeks.

Please bear this in mind, and contact us if necessary to find out when each supplier is closed.

For our part, we remain open, but Tuesday January 2 will be the only day on which we won't be shipping.

The team wishes you an excellent festive season.

Thank you for your understanding and trust.


----- November 2022 -----





Here are the spare parts for the H&E MVL 125 engine.
A perfect balance between power and lightness.
This 125 cc engine develops 23 horsepower, is driven by a belt gearbox and is equipped with a centrifugal clutch as well as a manual flash starter.


See HE MVL 125 parts.



----- May 2022 ----- Price increases and extension of deadlines ----

As you know, the international situation following the epidemic in the first instance, and the conflict situation in Ukraine in the second,

has led to a worldwide shortage of raw materials and a rise in prices, sometimes significant, affecting all sectors,
Until last spring, we had been spared by this situation.
This year, our paramotor industry is also impacted.
All the manufacturers have communicated new prices, very often consequent.
We have decided not to apply all of this increase by cutting our margins in order not to display prices that would be

sometimes 20, 25 or 30% higher...
Secondly, we want to maintain the same level of stock and this implies that the overall financial fixed assets have increased significantly.

This is in order to allow you to get the parts with the same speed of delivery.
Regarding the supply times, and for reasons of shortage of raw materials which affects our sector, especially steel and fabrics,

these have sometimes been greatly extended.
Those indicated on our site were the lead times generally used until last year.
For some accessories and parts, the deadlines this year have sometimes doubled or even tripled...
We thank you in advance in some cases for your patience, knowing that we depend on the deadlines of manufacturers and suppliers and that our
priority is to deliver as soon as possible.

----- March 2022 -----





Here are the parts of the Cosmos 300 engine, the latest creation of the engine manufacturer Vittorazi.
It is the synthesis of the company's ambition to go beyond its own limits to conquer new flying possibilities

by entering the market of trikes, hang gliders and ultralights.
With its 36 HP, the Cosmos 300 is able to offer more than 120 kg of static thrust with a three-blade propeller of 160 cm.

See Vittorazi Cosmos 300 parts.


----- February 2022 -----



Many people have been waiting to buy accessories from the historic paramotor manufacturer ITV WINGS.

Harnesses, reserve parachutes, containers and risers, bags, equipment... are now available on the website © Mecafly.



NEO and GIN, two leading brands in the world of paramotoring are now present in the catalogue © Mecafly.
The accessories are numerous; reserve parachutes, containers, bags, equipment, etc.



----- December 2021 -----





Here are the spare parts for the Polini Thor 303 engine, the last born of the engine manufacturer Polini.
The Polini Thor 303 engine is a concentrate of power and technology.
It is the Polini engine of the Thor family with the most powerful displacement and comes

with crankshaft, carburetor, airbox, CDI and exhaust system completely redesigned
to ensure better performance and more safety in flight.
With its 38 horsepower, the Thor 303 is able to offer over 120 kg of static thrust with a 160 cm propeller.


See Polini Thor 303 Parts.

----- November 2021 -----





Vittorazi produced 4 different Moster 185 engines decilated into multiple versions.
We were adding parts as we went along but it was starting to make reading difficult and abstract.
So we redesigned all the exploded views to present this engine in its 4 versions;
Classic, Silent, Plus and Factory.
As a result, many parts that were not presented are now visible and available.
See the 4 versions of the Vittorazi Moster 185 engine.



----- December 2020 -----



We integrate spare parts for the Polini Thor 202 engine.
The Polini Thor 202 engine was born from the experience acquired with the Thor 200 engines and from the request
for a more powerful and lighter engine, but at the same time guaranteeing a greater thermal stability."
See the parts of the Polini Thor 202 engine.


See Polini Thor 202 Parts.


----- December 2019 -----


The carbon propellers of the French manufacturer E-Props are now in the shelves of © Mecafly.







See all available models, in stock or on order.




----- August 2019 -----


The Black Bee, the latest addition to the Cors-air catalog © Mecafly.





Link to the parts of the Black Bee 125 cm3 engine.



----- July 2019 -----


"Some parts of the Air Conception Nitro 200 engine were on the website.
Now it's all the assemblies that are presented and the majority of the parts that are available.
The Tornado 280 is also on the site with still the exploded views of the engine sub-assemblies.
The catalog © Mecafly continues to grow..."





Link to the parts of the Air Conception Nitro 200 engine.

Link to the parts of the Air Conception Tornado 280 engine.



"The PASSION'AILES team stays at work all summer long!
Most of the manufacturers and suppliers are closed for vacations. These vacations are spread out according to
between the end of July and the end of August. Also, for the parts which are on order, we will not be able to be supplied as
be supplied as usual between 2 and 3 weeks.
It is necessary to take this into account, and eventually to contact us to know the periods of closure
for each supplier.
On our side we remain open and shipments will be made as usual every day, Monday to Friday.
from Monday to Friday.

Thank you for your understanding and your loyalty.



---- Mai 2019 -----


"The headsets of the historical French manufacturer Alphatec complete the already
of radio communication solutions offered by © Mecafly."





"The spare parts for the Atom 80 engine produced by Vittorazi
are now available in the catalog © Mecafly."



---- April 2019 -----


"The EOS 100 and EOS 150 engines are now part of the catalog © Mecafly !
Most of the common spare parts are now available."





Link to the parts of the Eos 100 engine.

Link to the parts of the Eos 150 engine.



---- January 2019 -----


"The entire range of radios from the French manufacturer CRT is included in the catalog.
From the simplest to the most sophisticated, most of the radios are dual-band and offer FM radio.
5 different models are presented, sometimes in different colors.
The connectivity is Kenwood compatible and the warranty is 2 years. Here are many assets.".



---- December 2018 -----


"Most manufacturers and suppliers close for vacations. Also, for the parts which are on order,
we will not necessarily be able to be supplied as usual between 2 and 3 weeks.
It is necessary to take this into account, and eventually contact us to know the periods of closure
for each supplier.


Shipments will be suspended from Monday December 24th to Thursday December 27th.

Thank you for your understanding and your loyalty.



---- September 2018 -----




 "New spare parts service for these Spanish engines produced by H & E.
The R80, R90NG, R120 and R125NG are presented and available."


----- March 2018 -----



"The latest colors of ICARO Solar-x helmets (Deep forest and Scracth grey) are on Mecafly !
New headsets have also been added to the ICARO range."


See the new helmet colors. See the new headsets.





MINIPLANE chassis parts are available in stock or on order.



----- February 2018 -----




The PAP Rolling and MACFLY trikes are now presented on your website.



----- November 2017 -----





"New engine and spare parts service for this 135cc single cylinder made in France!
Specially designed for paramotor, Bidalot, well known for its performance kits for scooters and small motorcycles, offers a GMP with an amazing power to weight ratio!"



----- November 2017 -----



Almost all parts for the Walbro 24, 32 and 37 carburetors are now available.


See Walbro 24 (WG 8) carburetor parts.

See Walbro 32 carburetor parts.

See Walbro 37 carburetor parts.



----- July 2017 -----




"We integrate spare parts for the Polini Thor 80 engine. Polini now offers this small 80 cc.
One of its assets is to be water cooled, which is rather surprising for such a small engine."


See Polini Thor 80 engine parts.


----- May 2017 -----



"New Icaro 2000 helmets.
The Solar-x and the TZ rotor complete the paramotor helmets offer. The foam is interchangeable and allows you to have a single helmet
that can be worn with different head sizes. In addition, the wheel at the back refines the adjustment for an optimal fit. With a visor,
short or long, transparent or tinted... specific headsets Icaro 200, the range is complete"


See Headsets Icaro 2000.

----- April 2017 -----



"We integrate spare parts for the Cors-air Black Bull engine.
Cors-air, well known for its famous M25 engine, offers this 235cc single-cylinder engine. Designed for use in tandem, trikes and competition, the
Black Bull is available as a manual starter ""Flash starter"" or as an electric starter."


See Black Bull Motor Parts.



----- January 2017 -----

"After 6 years of operation, the MECAFLY © website undergoes a complete overhaul.
Many features are integrated. Here are the most important ones:"



Navigation can be done directly on the main image.

By hovering over the reference number, the article appears, its price is displayed and you can go directly to the product sheet.






When a product is declined in 2 or more versions, the reference number is identified by the letters a, b, c, etc.
So we can choose between model a or model b.






Inventory management is integrated into the website and is constantly updated according to purchases and sales.



The content of the MECAFLY © website (texts, images, diagrams...) is registered and protected by copyright law and is the subject of a 34K519C registration with Copyright France.

Any reproduction, even partial is formally forbidden.