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MECAFLY © is an e-shop launched in 2010 and located in Boulogne sur Gesse (France) between Toulouse and the Pyerenees.

We're previliged to have the mountains just around the corner halfway between the Meditarranean and the Ocean!

In 1990 (yes it's been a long time!) the company specialized in paramotor pilot training and distributed equipment for free flight and paramotoring.
More than a thousand pilots have been trained, acquired and maintained equipment, purchased accessories and taken part in trips abroad.


José ORTEGA, founder and managing director of the company is the instigator of a website dedicated to the sale of spare parts and accessories.
After more than a year's work to create the engine exploded images (by himself) this original site went online in January 2010.
In 2017 the site underwent a complete overhaul with the launch of the new MECAFLY © V2 platform.



A top selection
Thanks to the privileged relationships we've built up over the years with some of the world's leading manufacturers our catalog has grown

month by month to become today the most complete and diversified offer of items carefully selected to meet your needs. 


Your satisfaction is our priority
We are committed to providing you with quality service and expertise to make your shopping experience one you can trust.

We are at your service before, during and after your purchase.


Professional logistics
Aware that quality delivery is essential order preparation is at the center of our attention.
Each order is double-checked and dispatched as quickly as possible (next day if all items are in stock).
We take particular care to protect all products and pack them well before shipping.
Don't pay any attention to the outside of the box. We recycle a lot! In addition to the savings this represents (...) the environmental cause is

our priority in this approach (if all the big players had the same conscience...).

See you soon
Make MECAFLY © your destination for all your paragliding, paramotor and accessory needs.
Have fun & fly safe!



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