Solar-x 2.0 internal padding

Solar-x 2.0 internal padding

Solar-x 2.0 internal padding

For ICARO Solar-x 2.0 helmet.


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Hypoallergenic, replaceable and washable foam.
With the same Icaro Solar-x 2.0 helmet, by changing the internal foam you can vary the size of the helmet. This makes it possible to have a single helmet that can be used by 2 pilots with different head circumferences.

Attention: It is possible to change from size S to size M (and vice versa) but not from an original size S or M to a size L or XL (the shells are different).
This means that there is a shell for S and M helmets and another shell for L and XL helmets.

Available in size:
S: from 54 to 56 cm
M: from 57 to 59 cm
L: from 60 to 61 cm