Chestnut honey

Chestnut honey

Chestnut honey


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Lagardo apiary honeys.

The Chestnut Honey, dark amber in colour, is characterized by woody flavours. Rich in potassium and magnesium, it has a relatively long crystallization time.

Cédric CABAILH alias Cabé was a paramotor instructor for 5 years. Many students and pilots still remember him for his patience, his skills and that little bit of eccentricity that spices up rock'n roll which may seem banal...
Cabé happily converted a few years ago to beekeeping. Through hard work and tenacity, this passion has become a profession. His small business is expanding every year thanks to the quality of his honeys which are now exported beyond the department.
After having made his own hives, he criss-crosses the hillsides and piedmont to scatter his bees in this rich and varied territory.
Here is a selection of his best harvests. These honeys are not pasteurized, so their crystallization is a natural phenomenon. If you wish to give them back their liquid form without altering their taste or their natural properties, you just have to melt them in a water bath.