Quick-release prop hub Quickie - 6 x 60

Quick-release prop hub Quickie - 6 x 60

Quick-release prop hub Quickie - 6 x 60

Quick-release kit for carbone propeller Quickie with 6 holes Ø 6 mm, pitch 60 mm.


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The “Quickie” is the fastest and most low profile paramotor Quick-Release Prop Hub on the market that fits into the tightest of spaces.

It allows you to remove and re-install your propeller in 10 seconds.
It has a real auto-locking ratcheting mechanism which cannot open unless the operator holds down two release buttons at the same time.
The Quickie features shorter pins which allow it to have a low profile which fits into the tightest of spaces during transport.
Shorter pins require much higher clamping pressures so we completely redesigned the mechanism with a larger centre bolt and a machined metal plate which evenly spreads high clamping forces across the surface of the propeller.
The metal plate features matching short pin “nubs” that work hand-in-hand with the main pins to keep things aligned.
The main hub and the machined metal plate feature an anodised finish which offers a huge amount of surface friction to keep things securely in place.

This model works with motors with 6-hole Ø 6 mm and 60 mm centre distance, such as Eole, HE, Moster, MVL engines, etc.

How To Use The "Quickie":
Please note that the Quickie was designed to be used in a very specific way.
Doing anything else is almost guaranteed to be very frustrating at best and could result in damage to your Quickie.

Please see this video as a reference for how to use the Quickie correctly.

Tips and suggestions:
Hold the Quickie steady, Rotate the propeller (clutched engines).
Don’t press the buttons and rotate the lever by the buttons. Hold the two handles with your left hand using your thumb and middle finger laying flat on the handles (See the video above).
The buttons should automatically press freely with no effort. If one or both do not move easily, rotate the lever clockwise (tighten) just a little bit so the ratchets click one more time.
The short pin “nubs” on the metal plate should catch the propeller holes automatically most of the time but sometimes the plate will need a manual wiggle to pop into the holes.
Do NOT let go of the Quickie handle (and buttons) while unlocking / rotating.
Never force the Quickie mechanism open.
If you ever overtighten the mechanism, use both hands to hold the handle(and buttons) and use your knee to leverage the prop counter-clockwise.
If your engine is direct drive (no clutch), do not rotate the propeller to tighten/loosen the quickie because it can unintentionally start the engine.
Never use thread locker on the mounting bolts. The aluminium is anodised and the bolts are zinc coated. Both surfaces create a very large amount of friction.
If you torque down the mounting bolts, we recommend about 13 nm.
Some propellers are not drilled perfectly or can be drilled and machined very tightly. Take extra care putting a new propeller on the hub and make sure that the short pin “nubs” on the metal plate are aligned with the holes and tighten the mechanism slowly.

1 Year Warranty:
The Quickie comes with a one year warranty for any manufacturing defects or issues.
Please note that using the Quickie with unapproved propellers as well as not using the method outlined in the video above to lock/unlock it can cause damage which is not covered under warranty.